About This Project

This is a multi-modal and open peer-reviewed academic article on the relationship between art historical thought and archival media called ‘Is Art History Too Bookish?’ by Charlotte Frost.

Orangerie at Documenta 13

You can read and comment on the article by entering each section via the menu to the right. The first section is the article’s ‘Introduction followed by ‘Archival form and/as content‘ and so on. Embedded throughout the document are images (see above) and links from an art project that parallels and/or embodies the argument the article sets forth. Of course, if you would rather start with the artwork, you might like to read the section ‘Locating digital form and/as content‘ first and then read the introduction.

It is my aim to have this work (the intertwined article and artwork) publicly peer-reviewed. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of scholarly peer-review you can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peer_review  and you can find peer-review guidelines here:

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Please add your comments to the relevant sections of the article – just by clicking on them it opens up a comment box for you to write in. They may not appear instantly but rest assured as long as they are not spam they will be made public.

You can find everything else that relates to this project either at the webpage for the art component or here…

The research for and publication of this experimental article project is generously supported by:


the Center for 21st Century Studies


And I owe particular thanks to Anthony Levings and Rob Myers.