This book belongs to a new wave of adaptation studies, interested not only in detailed comparisons between novels and their screen versions, but in intertextuality and the proliferation of textual material across multiple media platforms. Case studies comparing originals and their screen copies remain the life-blood of adaptation studies, but they are significantly augmented by analyses of the 'adaptation industry' and the commercial exploitation of copyrighted properties in franchises, remakes and spin-offs of all kinds. The familiar dyad of novel and film is joined by studies of comics, novelizations, toys, video games, theme-parks rides, remakes, reboots, extended and director s cuts, TV versions and the other numerous ways in which adaptations borrow from and relentlessly reproduce and commodify narratives and story worlds. In this way, adaptation can be seen as a key function in a 'vast narrative', which is a concept from new media studies that helps to understand how narratives are constructed across different forms of media.

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