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Seeing Galileo

Jason Lee



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30 Nov 2010

ISBN 9781780240008 (Paperback)
72 pp., Free UK Shipping


Seeing Galileo contains poetry, photography, and scripts, with a critical introduction that touches on key literary and historical conjunctions. The writing within this volume is in part inspired by the encounter between Milton and Galileo, imaginary or otherwise, while the photographs are from Florence and Pisa, where Galileo was born, and where, at the age of twenty-five, he became Chair of Mathematics.


Foreword, Preface, Technicalities, Seeing Galileo I, Craven, Seeing Galileo II, The Feast of St Agatha, The Moth's Tongue, Old Religion, The Look, Umbiblical, Fill Your Lungs, The Four Minute Warning, Bibliography

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